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Stargate episode string theory

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    In the string theory equations and such. Are the concepts of how time slows way down near black holes and at very fast speeds still valid?

    Like I've studied the equations and such and know about the scenarios of how they would precieve and such.

    Infact i'm watching a Stargate episode how it all would seem. I'm also aware of how they flew a clock around the planet real high up and how it created a difference in time.
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    James R

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    Yes. One of the main motivations behind string theory is to unify Einstein's relativity with quantum physics. All the important features of both are found in string theory.
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    String theory is very good at explaining things already discovered, but less than successful in making predictions. It is so flexible that virtually nothing is excluded... which makes it an ideal candidate for the 'theory of everything'. On the other hand, perhaps a true TOE does not exclude any possibilities, just constrains their probabilities.
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