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Stars are making me deaf

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    my teacher told me that if i look at the stars too long i become deaf since the stars emit special elctromagnetic waves which make my ears not work properly. but i dont get why. because stars dont make any sound...
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    so now i dont go outside at night since there are the stars there, and for the love of my life, i want to keep my hearing :)
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    but my boyfriend sometimes wants to kiss me under the stars, and i have to refuse, and drag him inside. i'm in quite a sticky situation here, and i would prefer science to be on my side rather than heresy.
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    Your teacher is an idiot.

    Also, the stars are there during the day; you just cannot see them.

    And most critical of all, the Sun is a star. If the premise were true, we'd all be deaf.
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    This topic is too silly to continue.
    No, stars won't make you deaf, and out of 3 possibilities, none justifies continuing this:
    - you are talking nonsense, you've been smoking prohibited stuff or been drinking or whatever
    - your teacher is talking nonsense, has been smoking prohibited stuff, or has been drinking too much, or he's completely nuts.
    - you didn't get a joke your teacher was telling you

    In none of these cases, I see the interest of continuing this thread.
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