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  1. I'm doing a project about astronomy. I've never done one, I just jumped from quantum physics to here, so I don't think I know anything =.=. To start, I think I need some stars spectrum, but since stars are not as bright as the sun, I don't really know how to have them. Could someone give me some advice of how to have stars spectrum (without using internet), and what equipment do I need...? Thank you very much ^^
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    The spectrum of a star is based on temperature. You can simulate it with light bulbs: do some research on the different types of stars and their temperatures, then compare them to different types of light bulbs and their temperatures.
  4. There are stars that are millions of temperature. Exclude them before doing some simulation.
  5. Thanks ^^. But I mean the real star spectrum where I can derive the composition of the stars, speed, directions... Is that possible...?
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