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Stars spectrum questions

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    I'm doing a project about astronomy. I've never done one, I just jumped from quantum physics to here, so I don't think I know anything =.=. To start, I think I need some stars spectrum, but since stars are not as bright as the sun, I don't really know how to have them. Could someone give me some advice of how to have stars spectrum (without using internet), and what equipment do I need...? Thank you very much ^^
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    The spectrum of a star is based on temperature. You can simulate it with light bulbs: do some research on the different types of stars and their temperatures, then compare them to different types of light bulbs and their temperatures.
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    There are stars that are millions of temperature. Exclude them before doing some simulation.
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    Thanks ^^. But I mean the real star spectrum where I can derive the composition of the stars, speed, directions... Is that possible...?
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