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Starseed, The Third Millenium

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    A book that may answer some questions about life's meaning.
    Starseed, The Third Millenium by Ken Carey is an excellent read, it will really change your perspective about who we are, after reading it, I felt a lot of my questions were answered and those answers made a lot of sense.

    http://pure-research.net/healing/light/lightat.html [Broken]

    a link to give you a glimpse of what this book is about...
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    Well. You may have "felt" your questions were answered, but in fact they were not. You merely fell into a scam. I feel sorry for people who get scammed it's a dishonest practice.

    Ken Carey is a man who claims to recieve secret informational transmissions from aliens. His books are apparently what the aliens tell him to write.

    If that isn't sick I don't know what is.

    Ken Carey has been found to be involved in a few cult events, and has a history of...issues...with small children.
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    IMHO, There are so many explanations, so many 'languages', so many posible paths to "the truth" - Science, Religion, Metaphysics, etc. And they blend and overlap each other. I think we'd all be wise to allow for the possibility that all or none are "fact". We are a very young species with primitive brains that we're only beginning to use, and less to understand. We 'know' relatively little. At this point we are merely explorers. In light of those possibilities, it seems to me arrogant and dogmatic to decide that anything is fact and anything else is quackery. As each of us seeks in his own way, he brings his discoveries and opinions to the conversation that will hopefully lead us to understanding.
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    don't we just love those who will make accusations without proof just because they do not agree :rolleyes: what is ironic is statements like these are just as biased...

    well said...
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