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Starship design

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    If you could build a starship here and now what would it look like, what would drive it, and would it have gravity yes/no?
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    There was a http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=5017 [Broken] about this on SFN a while back.
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    what is your point?
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    I want to hear the opinions members of this site have.
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    what is the difference between members of this site and members of SFN. many are members of both.
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    Why are we arguing (I am) about this?
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    i don't know why you are arguing about it.
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    it feels like an argument to me
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    i just asked a question.
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    Science Forum??

    Dang y'all. Like I needed ANOTHER science forum on my daily list... I'm never going to get any work done...
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    it was a pretty cool thread, iirc. we found out how different systems would work. we determined that a cruiser the size and complexity of the NX-01 would be possible with the notable exceptions of gravity, warp and impulse drives, and transporter.
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