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Start of evolution

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    I was just wondering where we agree that evolution began. I heard it was from the firtst single cell organism but that does not make sense as the organism must have already been evloving with it nucleus and DNA. Do we consider the formation of DNA evolution? Do we consider molecules to protein apart of the evolution chain? Can we even say that evolution began with the big bang? Or do we not even have a starting point?
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    You don't need a nucleus or DNA to have already been evolving, for example, certain viruses only contain RNA. I would suppose evolution began with the first self-replicating organic molecule, most likely some ancient protein.

    we could always ask Carl Sagan, if you wish to bake an apple pie....
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    Wow, that movie is incredible. Is this accepted in the science community? It seems no matter how much we know it still seems so mysteries.
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    Hi. I've studied biology for some time now. In my opinion, the best explanation of how life arose on earth is that put forth by Stuart Kauffman in "At Home In the Universe".
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