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Started talking about integrals

  1. Nov 27, 2004 #1


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    Hello everyone

    We just started talking about integrals. Unfortunately, our teacher wasn't there last class so we just had to figure it out by ourselves.. and integrals are going to be about 50% of our final exam.. so I was wondering if someone knows some websites to help me learn integrals.. I know that an integral is the contrary of the derivative.. but I'd just like to read about it so I can be ready for my exam.. feel free to post anything that would help. Also, I dont know if it was the right forum to post. sorry if it isnt supposed to be here
    thanks a lot
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    http://www.ping.be/~ping1339/int.htm [Broken]

    Here is everything you need...if you have any questions, please let me know.

    One question though : are you sure you need to learn all this by yourself??? If so, i would surprise my teacher with a lawsuit for incompetency...

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    Well, we had 4 classes left. The first one was a 2hour class.. he was busy doing corrections for the other class so he told us to read and try to understand.. then 15min before the end of the class he started to talk about integrals.. then the next class was a maple initiation so we did nothing about integrals. Now there are 2 classes left.. one is another maple class and the other one I really dont know. I hope we can view them in that class. But he was a good teacher for the other things. He seems really busy now.. thats why I want to learn them by myself. Thanks a lot for the reply I'm going to read that website now.
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