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Starting Again from Scratch

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    I am a new member on these forums and my first post here concerns resources for reaccquainting myself with the wonderful world of physics. After an extended absence from this field, I am looking to re-immerse myself in all the subjects it has to offer, starting from the beginning. I am currently working at a Grade 11 Tertiary level and although much of what I study will be merely revision and/or irrelevant, I would like the opportunity to jump right in and ensure that I have re-covered all the basics and, later, the more intermediary and advanced concepts.

    Would any of the other forum members have any suggestions as to the resources I could use to facilitate this progress? Here are the topics I am looking at studying, based on the curriculum provided by my high school:

    Forces and Energy:
    Forces and motion
    Newton's Laws
    Conservation of momentum
    Work, energy and power

    Equilibrium of forces
    Centre of gravity

    Rotational dynamics:
    Uniform circular motion
    Angular acceleration
    Moment of inertia
    Angular momentum

    Gravitational fields:
    Force and potential
    Newton's Theory of gravitation
    Satellite motion


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    If you really wish to learn Physics the best place to start is in a Calculus text.
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    That second link is unbelieveable.
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    That second link is fabulous beyond anything I can express. I have been watching Walter Lewin lectures recently, even on topics I already know about. He is amazing!
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