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Starting out again(?)

  1. Nov 3, 2003 #1
    "Starting out.............again(?)"

    So apparently some of the people herein (1? zoob) think that all I have to do is "get a job" which tells me that some of you haven't a clue what it is like to "start back up", from the bottom.

    Having arrived in Calgary with $35.00 in my pocket, the clothes on my back, a tent, backpack with change of pants, top(2), shorts and underwear, (no socks!) bout as much as I could carry on a bicycle, I started back up from the bottom, at 43 years of age so's I probably have a better idea of what the problems are, then any of you.

    Hence my curiosity is expressed herein inasmuch as I would like to know just how simple/complex you think it is, to "start back" out.

    BTW what I did for my country, and it's resultant use around the World, the apparent savings, to the Canadian peoples, of Approx $40,000,000.00 dollars, the redeeming of the legislation from the pit that is was 'perhaps' about to be thrown into, again, hence the assitance in the protection of the children of Canada, are all rendered meaningless by the current Government, so don't wonder 'why' I would rather "do nothing" then give anything to them ever again.

    (By extension so am I!!, {Rendered meaningless/worthless/useless} But No, I do NOT feel that way, so don't be stupid, it is simply an acceptance of the clearly expressed belief and practise of/by others)

    P.S. if you would wish to start, well, I presently live in a tent, have no money, a bicycle, (and I am 47 now!) and basically nothing else......so, GO for IT!!!
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    I read your post several times, but I still don't understand it fully. You willingly chose to start over from scratch?
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    Where do you get that from??, can you not tell, I have no choice about it!
  5. Nov 3, 2003 #4
    Some tent... with a PC and internet access!
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    Humm, didn't start this one for 'others' to be making fun of me for this, if you haven't got something to contribute, please don't bother!!, thanks!
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    You had to expect that Mr Robin Parsons, remember that there are alot of new members using this site that dont have a clue about your predicament so expect a few questions to be asked, remember what me and entropy where like.
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    Hadn't forgotten, Entropy Never quit.....!
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    Well you'll be gald to know that i have, although i am still intrigued.
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    No, I couldn't tell. Some people DO make the choice to live like you have described. I don't know the circumstances by which you were forced, so I am in no position to comment :)
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    Mr. Robin Parsons, I have followed several of your posts and I find you to be intelligent and well spoken (written). I don't wish to be offensive, but I also sense that you are defensive and perhaps have a case of paranoia.

    I agree that in your present condition, you would not be employable. Even though you are obviously intelligent, the question of why you haven't been employed will haunt you.

    If you don't mind some constructive criticism, I would recommend you divorce yourself from all thoughts of government (seriously) and see a therapist to talk out your situation (there seem to be some deep rooted problems there). Find yourself some help, such as someone willing to get you some decent clothing, or a place to stay (everyone needs a hand of some sort from time to time).

    I don't imagine it is easy. I can only imagine that it would be very hard.
  13. Nov 3, 2003 #12
    WOW you ever off base, that and it is quite clear you don't understand the situation (thats OK!) and are NOT addressing the question posed, why?

    P.S. You constructive critism, isn't, you would want for me to "see a therapist", why?? do they need to learn something from me?? cause I can assure you they would NOT be able to help me, a lawyer, perhaps, but definitely NOT a therapist, OYE!
  14. Nov 3, 2003 #13
    As I understand it, this is the question posed:

    I said " I agree that in your present condition, you would not be employable. Even though you are obviously intelligent, the question of why you haven't been employed will haunt you."


    "I don't imagine it is easy. I can only imagine that it would be very hard."

    I don't really know your situation, all I know is what I can sense from your posts. No offense intended. I could indeed be way off-base.
  15. Nov 3, 2003 #14
    "Not employable" is relative to certain conditions I need to meet for any employer, the "question of why.....haunting me" is a joke, at best.... it is Not at all!

    I know quite well, by God's grace, the 'why' and 'who' of my current situation. (most of you don't! OK!)

    It is NOT stated anywhere that "I am NOT employable" I asked what do you think I need to go through to re-achieve employment, what does it take, to start out, from the bottom, at 47, with no money, and no home, and little clothing, no food, no help.........
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    Very true, without a house, no social security, without a house, no insurance, without a house or insurance, no job. Without money, no house.
  17. Nov 3, 2003 #16
    You aren't seeing my point. The thing that a 47 year old man needs most to get a job, IS a job. Your lack of employment is haunting your search for employment (not you specifically). Yes I know this is unfair, but most people get their employees by stealing them from their competition.

    Employers aren't looking to give someone a break, they are looking for someone to help their business. If you have been employed, making money for someone, can demonstrate that you can make money for your potential employer, and can do the job better than any other candidate, then you have a chance of getting that job.
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    I've tried to keep up with Parson's saga, but everytime I get into it I simply get more confused.

    For instance, I do not understand why a person who posseses the knowledge you have cannot find someone to help/support his plans.

    I've lived on my own before, without a job and whatnot. I had a car however, fast car, so I didn't worry about insurance. I did odd end jobs, making anywhere from $20-100 a week. It is hard not being able to lay your head down in the same place, or atleast a comfortable bed every night. And if you have been royally screwed by the government as you've described in the past, I can understand not wanting to work for a legit company that requires you to pay taxes to the people who put you in this predicament.

    If I was you, I'd head south. I could probably get you a job on a siding crew if you're interested, and know how/can learn. Somehow, I doubt this will interest you much.

    Plus, its got to be getting cold this time of year. With said possesions, do you not find it difficult to remain comfortable(temp wize) in the winter?
  19. Nov 3, 2003 #18


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    Social Services in Canada?

    I am ignorant about what social services are available for someone in your situation in Canada, but in other countries with which I have some familiarity, there is a wide range of social support available. This may include:
    - central/state/local government assistance for the unemployed, the uninsured, the homeless
    - private charity groups, of many different kinds.

    If you have access to the internet, finding the names of such institutions, their roles, locations, contact details, etc should be quite easy.

    From these compassionate, experienced and professional people you should be able to get good, specific, concrete advice on how to become re-employed, given your background, capabilities, desires, and circumstances.

    Becoming re-employed can be looked at as just another problem to be solved - what do you have? what do you want to do? what can you do? what are you prepared to do? Then, on the other side, who is offering employment (of a kind that meets - to some extent - the answers to the earlier questions)? what is your competition like (others who might seek the same work)? what distinctive characteristics do you have that make you more attractive to an employer than your competition? how can you develop some of these quickly and easily? etc. As usual in problem solving apply Pareto (aka the 80/20 rule).
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    I am not sure about your situation, things would be greatly simplified with friends/family/aqueantances (sp?) giving you an address. Without an address you are nobody. How is one supposed to get social support without having an address for them to send it to?
  21. Nov 4, 2003 #20
    My apologies for my abruptness, you do have a very clear point inasmuch as what you express is what most potential emloyers would see in me, little if anything, and that is probably the most common perception. (even if wrong!)

    But that is a part of it, if I cannot prove, adequately, that I have done what I have tried to 'prove' I have done, then how can I prove to anyone that I have the ability to generate value.....it is the absence of "Laurels" (Public accreditations) in my life that is what is the problem.

    But this digresses into social studies, the original question is what does it take to get back out from this starting point? Getting a Job is a small part of that, if you think otherwise, you are mistaken.
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