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Starting out Undergrad

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    I'm going into an undergrad Biochemistry program next year in an 'honors college' (Basically, one of those set ups where students who have above average academic standing is given tuition, perks, etc). I'm already putting some time in a lab at the college and getting experience, and I've registered for my classes. Those being Gen Bio I, Gen Chem I, Calc I, and a Humanities course for the honors college. I've been told that this is an insane workload by my student adviser, and it's only recommended for Pre-Med students (which I have absolutely no interest in).

    So I want some advice with classes and all. I'm taking Calc in HS and I've been one of the top students in it. Though I'm sort of worried about the other courses which I've taken. They seem handleable (I've studied Gen Bio by myself for the most part because my AP Bio class is unstable, along with Gen Chem since I felt it should go with Biology), but I've been warned about the weed out business that occurs in the Gen level courses. Any advice you wise educated people have to offer is highly appreciated.

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    Welcome to PF kingdomof. Recognize my name much?
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    Thanks, and I do not recognize you, sorry.
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