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Starting porgramming

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    Ok i just thought of teaching myself programming through net but i think its a bit tough - i need a good book!
    I need a book that starts with - "What is programming". I have only studied physics chemistry maths before and have no knowledge of programming. I know a bit of computer - that every 21st century person knows.
    So looking at my knowledge recommend me a book that starts with the very basic of programming(and preferably teaches C language)
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    This book looks good and it doesn't seem to have any prerequisites. (+ it's free!)
    This book also looks good, although I haven't read it myself.
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    Hi jd12345. I've you're having trouble getting into programming have you considered giving Python a try? I think it's nice for learning a first language in that you can do a lot of simple exercises straight from an interactive session.

    Here's a really nice online book (title a misnomer) that makes it incredibly easy to get started. http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/intro.html
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    I would definantly recommend python as a first language. It is much simpler than c++ and many other languages (hello world is just " print ('Hello World!')" in version 3.2.3 at least), and you really get the feeling of how programming works.


    Also, watching youtube turorials seemed to be the best way to learn for me but I know there are many good books out there.
    Hope this helps, and happy coding.
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