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Homework Help: Starting School

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    I am starting school again shortly, and this is the semester that will determine if i get into the university i want or not. The courses i am taking are all grade 12 and consist of Physics, Chemistry, English, Geometry and Discrete Mathematics. This will be a tough semester for me, and i wanted to ask for advice in juggling this, im lookin for an average of around 85%.
    Suggestions welcome thanks in advance.
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    Keep your nose to the grind stone! Don't aim for an 85%, aim for 100% and get the best that you can.
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    I heard a corny quote once

    aim for the moon, because even if you miss you will land among the stars

    do the best you can and when your done what u come out with is worth more than shooting for an actual number

    I also have a hard schedule for my senior year

    English 12
    Computer Electronics
    Team Sports
    Adv Debate/Forensics
    --travel to math and science center (so all bellow accelerated classes )
    Mentorship-- Building Spectrometer, automating it, writing software for it, stablizing it maybe some work with particle accelerator
    Advance Physics Year 2
    BC Calculus
    Evolution of Scientific Thought
    Research Team-- What is the electronic nature of the pyrimdine ring in the compound of minoxidil (roughly)

    Plus i have varsity soccer and college apps to fill out
    speaking of which i should be getting home
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    Study your butt off. I'm in my last term of school too, doing similar subjects as you (Swap discrete maths for applicable maths, and geometry for Interactive media (Very easy subject)). The only advice I can offer you is work like hell, and spend all your free time on physics forums, because they're fun. :biggrin:
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    Take lots of notes in class. The majority of exam questions will come directly from your lectures. Also, try to start on your homework as soon as possible after class, especially the 'tough' classes. The lecture will still be fresh in your mind and the homework will help reinforce the important points.
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    thanks guys, i really dislike when people intimidate me by saying "oh this class is REALLY HARD, your not gonna do well" and blah blah blah, it really does effect me going into the class.
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    Also make sure to set aside some leisure time on the weekends or even during the week to hang out with friends or do something you enjoy. I made the mistake of locking myself in my room two quarters ago and studying around the clock until I almost reached a mental breakdown!
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    Well, haven taken all of the classes you mentioned except for the Geo & Discreet (Grade 12, Ontario new curriculum I’m assuming… BTW, no Calculus?) here’s my experience, though it always depends on the teacher. I’ll tell you my mark in the class so you can decide whether or not to take any advice from me.


    Absolutely fun and you’ll learn a lot. Do as much homework as it takes you to understand how to do things. Memorize the formulas but moreover, remember the reasons behind the formulas and how to derive some of them yourself. That’s a problem with some people; they’ll forget the formula and just give up. Make sure you’re thorough and label things neatly and accurately. But have fun and make the most of it. Grade 12 physics was probably the best class I’ve ever had. Mark: 93%


    Oh chem., chem., chem…. Where to begin? A lot of focus will be on organic chemistry, nomenclature and properties of organic molecular structures. SOOO many labs. Lot’s of equilibrium and rates of reaction work. Be thorough with your labs. Study and study hard. Wear eye protection but don’t where goggles right before picture day or else you’ll have a nice goggle impression on your face when you go and get pictures done. LoL. I hated grade 11 chem. Mark: 63% ouch, I learned my lesson.


    It’s Hamlet time! And maybe A Man For All Seasons and Fifth Business depending on your teacher and school. The final assignment from my school was to read a book from a list and then write an in-class essay for a few days about a topic the teacher picks. The way to go about English class is really easy to sort of ‘fake’ your way through. I don’t mean cheating or being not paying attention or anything. But if you’re being bogged down by physics, chem. and math, English isn’t really a number one priority. For book reports and essays, just learn a few key points on the book and a brief summery. Don’t go out and buy those stupid guides, they’re just a waste of money and they’re usually crap. Skim the book. Read enough for you to know what it’s about and then be very thorough on your essays. Cite, and cite a lot! But make sure they’re useful citations… anyway, good luck. English is pretty fun. Try to get debates going. Mark: 80%
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