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Startling! Cnn Does News!

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    That's not news, that's more fear-mongering the-terrorists-are-out-to-get-us propoganda.
  4. Aug 10, 2005 #3
    A la they are not protecting dangerous factories, water reservoires etc. any better than they did on 9/11 etc.
  5. Aug 10, 2005 #4
    And as you can plainly see by all the attacks on cargo planes and factories and reservoires and oil fields.... we clearly will all die if we don't start protecting them from the aggressive war-mongering ameri... umm.. terrorists
  6. Aug 10, 2005 #5
    I was so frightened, I moved to China however there have been people asking if I would like a new career in coal mining.
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    Yes, becuase 9/11 didn't actually happen.
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    Duh. Like these guys are going for high tech solutions!?

    They are blowing up trains in the UK with liquid explosives held in Tupperware!!!

    Are you going to license the sale of Tupperware in the USA?

    Will you have a five day waiting period to buy turpentine and a burpable container?

    Come on Pengwuino ... when you start with this shyte ... ohsama has won.
  9. Aug 10, 2005 #8
    Yeah...that ohsama guy... :rofl:
  10. Aug 10, 2005 #9


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    I have to ask one question: What is the logic behind posting it in the news when you find a security weakness? Isn't that a bit like screaming "attack us here?"
  11. Aug 10, 2005 #10
    That is what I was thinking.... :confused:
  12. Aug 10, 2005 #11


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    Well you sure did prove me wrong there! I guess terrorists ARENT out to get me as my previous post argued against. Thank you for clearing that up.
  13. Aug 10, 2005 #12


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    Heres another question. We've been hearing these reports ever since 9/11 and we've been hearing that this target and that target and this and that is vulnerable (a few ACTUALLY being vulnerable.... as some people actually think slamming an airplane into a nuclear power plant will actually rupture the core or that pissing into a lake will kill a city) but why hasn't anything happened? I mean, if supposedly, CNN can just walk around placing bombs on airplanes.... why hasn't any terrorist done it? I mean im sure trained terrorists are better capable of doing it then a few 23 year old CNN secretaries...
  14. Aug 10, 2005 #13
    Duh ... Because a terrorist by definition acts to create terror and draw attention to his cause.

    When the interest wanes and you stop running around sticking your finger in the Dyke then they will hit you again.

    Bin Laden's latest 'letter to America' stated he was out to bankrupt the USA but he was on a budget.

    He LIKES Bush in the White House. He KNOWS he's scared to death and pumping massive amounts of money into Homeland Security.

    You're being played like a cheap violin.

    As soon as you stop making fortress USA, he will strike again to start you working at it again.

    It's called poking you with a stick.
  15. Aug 10, 2005 #14


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    I agree they could have attacked in many ways since 9-11. Put yourself in their shoes and think what strategy would be best for your cause. It is far more successful to focus efforts in Iraq, where they can make the war-mongering Americans look even worse, bleeding us slowly of our tax dollars, military, etc. while having a wonderful training ground for future terrorists. In the meantime the worst thing they could do is create another "rally around the flag" impetuous for Dubya and his good ole boys by attacking on U.S. soil. Same reason why we don't want Bush assassinated and made into a martyr, get it?
  16. Aug 10, 2005 #15


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    I agree with everything except this part...Bush, the alerts, and the media (like this article) are the terrorists we face. Homeland Security? :rofl:
  17. Aug 10, 2005 #16


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    See this is the attitude that makes me rather confused. The World Trade Center comes down and the Pentagon is hit and the thought process of hte liberal mind goes "There are no terrorists, they don't want to hurt us". No wonder they always say "Remember 9/11".... it looks like people tend to forget very easily.

    And if i was a terrorist, screw Iraq, millions of dollars, thousands of people for only a few thousand news reports of crap from Iraq for 2 1/2 years. Bring a few hundred dollars worth of equipment and 2 or 3 people and set off in a nfl game or nba game or something and people will go ape**** and we'll end up paying billions upon billions and get thousands of news report within a few weeks. I mean there probably won't be much flag waving since the left-wing portion of this countries first reaction was to blame America first and try to find ways to blame Bush for it... pff, some flag waving.
  18. Aug 10, 2005 #17


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    I never said there are no terrorists, and in fact I say they want to hurt us as they are doing in Iraq. I do blame America for our poor so-called Homeland Security if for no other reason than Bush and his open border policies. Why do conservatives always revert to "remember 9-11" in defense of Bush's bad policies? Because conservatives are clueless about terrorism (which is reflected in your post) causing terrorism to increase, not decrease. I am waving a flag, more than you, but you have blinders on (that's me over on your left waving a flag as hard as I can).
  19. Aug 10, 2005 #18
    And that is why you're such a DICK.

    Nobody has said any such thing.

    As far as your second paragraph ... we are still waiting to find out from you just what it was that Saddam had to do with the WTC?

    Your own government agencies deny any connection.
  20. Aug 10, 2005 #19


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    Oh come on!

    Those are the terrorists we face? Most rational people think the terrorism comes when airplanes start crashing into buildings. I dont know about you but im a little more worried about buildings falling around me then news articles that have said roughly the same thing for the last few decades.

    And TSM, please grow up and get rid of the childish insults. Everyone knows Iraq has been breaking sanctions for years, firing on US aircraft for years, and commiting REAL atrocities for years. You simply need to grow up and look at the whole picture.
  21. Aug 10, 2005 #20
    You still have not mastered this concept yet have you Pengwuino. Terrorism is not aimed at the people it kills. It is aimed at the people who observe it.

    You can't incite terror into someone who is dead and probably didn't know what hit him at the time.

    Terror is what the people who are left feel. Terror is aided and abetted by all the things he said forcing us to relive what happened and the measures taken to prevent attacks.

    Maybe I am looking at the whole picture and you are just viewing it from the Neocon point of view?

    As far as Childishness ... well have you objectively re-read your posts with reference to all these little liberals being out to get you?

    For a 'thinking man's website' you are sadly out of place.
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