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Starvation Mode

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    Is there really such a thing called "starvation mode?" In other words, does a person's metabolism lower if he starves himself? I have heard reports that a persons metabolism actually rises for s short while, then lowers. Also, can't coffee and exercise raise your metabolism?

    For example:

    If a person ate 1000 calories (proper macronutrients) and ran 10 miles (approx. 1000 calories burned depending on weight) wouldnt his metabolism increase?

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    In mice feed a restricted diet the core body temperature is lowered about 0.5C.
    Since core temperature is a measure of the base metabolisim, it would indeed seem to be lower.

    Your intestins tend to shut down, when you don't eat much.
    Normally they consume quite a bit of energy.
    Also your body switches to a different metabolic pathway
    consuming fat and muscle for energy.

    Don't know anything about a temporary rise, but that doesn't mean much.

    While running will certainly burn calories, I don't think it has much, if any, effect on the base metabolisim.
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    You are thinking about two different situations.

    If a person exercises, their metobolism will go up as muscles consume much more oxygen and nutrients.

    If a person goes on a diet and does it the wrong way by eg. only eating less, the body understands that it is not getting enough so it absorbs more of the nutrients in the food. That is actually one of the biggest reasons as to why dieting often fails. From an evolutionary standpoint, this behaviour is highly favourable.

    This is of course, a rather trivial description of complex processes that occurs.
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