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Stat book

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    Hello all,

    My wife wants to brush up on her Statistics. She took 2 or 3 graduate level Stats classes geared toward Clinical Psychologists about 6 years ago. She no longer has her text book and cannot remember (or won't remember) it's name. So if anyone has a good Stat. Textbook for her to brush up on things I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.
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    Statistics is a really wide area of mathematics with applications with probably every known field you could get in college and life. Considering that it was graduate statistics, it must've been specific to a certain field, namely clinical psychology I suppose. I would have no idea what types of statistics would be needed in this case unfortunately T_T. I guess I'll help bump instead ^^
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    A general introduction book would be fine I think. She is just looking to refresh herself with Statistics in general.
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