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Homework Help: Stat Mech Question

  1. Mar 26, 2009 #1
    An ideal gas of N molecules in a volume V. Write down the mean and standard deviation of the number of molecules n to appear in a volume V/3. Sketch the probability distribution of n and of n/N. Indicate how the curves change as N increases.

    ok. [itex]\bar{n}=\sum_i n_i P_i[/itex]

    do i use [itex]P_i[/itex] form the grand canonical distribution or from teh canonical distribution here? i was going to go with the former as the subsystem of volume V/3 is an open system i.e. it can exchange energy AND particles with the rest of the system - but i wanted to check??

    for the variance, do i just use

    [itex]\bar{\Delta n^2}= \bar{n^2} - \bar{n}^2[/itex]???

    what would the graphs look like?

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