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State evolution in finite suden-broading quantum well

  1. May 11, 2004 #1
    suppose we have a single eigen-state finite potential well like following:
    V(x)= V, x<-a and x>a;
    0, -a<=x<=a;
    say only one eigen-state within this well S1(x)

    when all of sudden this potetial well broden by size of 2
    V(x)= V, x<-2a and x>2a;
    0, -2a<=x<=2a;
    say still only one eigen-state within this new well S1(x)

    Please give a suggestion how long as t as the state from S0(x) changes to S1(x). Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.
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    Yuan, you can try to look for the answer to this problem in Zeng jinyan and Qian bochu's exercises' book on Quantum Mechanics. I think it has the same exercise. Good luck!
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