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Homework Help: State Space Differential Equation HW

  1. May 1, 2008 #1
    Hi I have a problem I need to solve for a class soon.
    The prof gave a us a hw problem where he gives us a state space representation for one system and connect it in cascade to another system and need the equivalent state space parameters: I'm pretty confused.
    Heres the question:
    x(t)----> |system1 | --> y(t) --> |system2 |----> z(t)

    system 1 is defined by:
    dq1(t)/dt = A1(t)q1(t) + B1(t)x(t)
    y(t) = C1(t)q1(t)

    system 2 is defined by:
    dq2(t)/dt = A2(t)q2(t) + B2(2)y(t)
    z(t) = C2(t)q2(t)

    the combination of the system is defined:
    dq(t)/dt = A(t)q(t) + B(t)x(t)
    z(t) = C(t)q(t)

    It says find q(t), A(t), B(t), and C(t) in similar quantities for the separate systems.
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