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State Space representation

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    Hello everyone.

    Iam just Learning about State space representation and controller design and have a fundamental question about the difference between classical Control theory and modern Control theory.

    I understood the state space is of advantage when dealing with MIMO systems or non-linear systems, but:

    What exactly is state space design? Does it replace i.ex. a classical PID controller?

    Thanks in advance,

    kind regards,

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    Complicated systems are often a mixture of approaches. There are usually several outputs that need to be controlled and they are interrelated. The central controller of a MIMO system can not be analysed as a simple PID controller. The physics of the system may include relationships between states that are hard to represent without a state space model. That forces you to include a central MIMO state space model. But the individual inputs and outputs of that model may be simpler. That leads you to surrounding your MIMO state space model with several classical Laplace transforms which pre-process the individual inputs and post-process the outputs.
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