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Homework Help: State space system model - hard and really need help fast - PLEASE

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    State space system model - hard and really need help fast - PLEASE!!!


    Just found this site (a little too late I fear!). I have an assignment due tomorrow and I can not solve the last part of it. We are able to source information from anywhere to complete the assignment and you guys are my last hope!!! I have been trying for two days straight now and cant figure out the last section.

    I have a system model digram which I have saved as an image and placed here: (It's just too big to add as an attachment)
    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=03HUNNYJ [Broken]
    (Close the popup and wait for the timer to count down then you can download the picture)

    I have to represent this system in terms of the state space variables outlined on the sheet. I can create state equations for the current and the motor's angular velocity but I cant get the third state space equation. ie. derivitve of Tension = ?????

    I have worked out the the derivitive of the Tension = K(vw-vs) but dont know where to go from there.

    This is a fairly hard problem and I dont know if this is the right section to place it but I am hoping someone could help me???!!!

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