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State vs Religion

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    Well, the Supreme Court has done it again. They have outlawed a scholarship student from pursuing a degree in divinity.

    Now, how long can a Nation survive when the Supreme Courts keep separating our Nation from God?

    I say, not long. Our Nation is headed down the tubes at an ever increasing rate.
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    Huh. No, the Supreme Court indicated that states may choose to restrict tax-funded scholarships to students that are pursuing degrees other than divinity. The program in question was specifically designed to train clergy.

    How long can a board survive when the trolls are out in force?

    The country is going south rapidly because the administration in the White House is busy destroying civil liberties, privacy, and the seperation of church and state while a spineless congress whimpers and begs to be his doormat.
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    Re: Re: State vs Religion

    Nicely put. Good rhetoric. Hints at Cicero.
    Vivid imagery!
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    Re: Re: State vs Religion

    This ruling seems contrary to the purpose of seperation of church and state. The purpose is that states shall not create a church, or dictate which church, or how a church is to be run. What is happening here is an individual's right to choose how to use a scholarship he earned is being infringed upon. This is a question of an individual's rights.

    The boy has since gone to Law school. Personally, I think there are too many lawyers and I don't want my government's money going to fund their education.

    As for there being trolls out in force, it's because the stinking goats keep crossing our bridge.
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