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Statement of purpose help

  1. Nov 26, 2013 #1
    I am starting my statement of purpose essay for applications into Medphysics MS programs (SDSU) and a few other programs like Biophysics.. I am not a remarkably standout student. I do have about 2 publications in some AAPT meetings and poster conferences and in process of doing some work in Histology at the physics end, but nothing too serious.
    I am just really hoping to get some advice regarding the structure.. Im assuming that you would start a little something like:

    Opening paragraph: Introduce myself and a brief general reason for my motivation. Generate some individuality.

    Body: Discuss more in-depth why I am motivated and why i am qualified for graduate study at that school.

    Body 2: Talk about my background and the life I come from. Talk about some personal qualities, specifically ones that would explain why I think i can make it through their program. Include some personal experiences or people that may have solidified my choice of school?

    Closing: Retouch some points without repeating too much to solidify my qualifications.

    Does that sound good? Im really lost on just getting started.
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    That sounds fine.

    They're not generally looking for a literary masterpiece. When I've read these things in the past, I usually look for the following:
    1. Has the student looked into the field to any great extent and what evidence is there to support this?
    2. Has the student looked into our program to any great extent, and what evidence is there to support this?
    3. What types of projects is this student interested in?
    4. What evidence is there to indicate that the student will be successful in our program?
  4. Nov 30, 2013 #3
    I have no idea why I'm so hung up on writing this.. Can you point me in the direction of finding good personal statements to look at?
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