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States Of Matter

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  1. May 15, 2008 #1
    States Of Matter....

    Just out of interest as I am compiling a list of the states of matter & their properties can someone please clear up the age old dispute;

    How Many States Of Matter Are There?

    If you could state the number with what (additional) states of matter, please list them and their properties.
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    Andy Resnick

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    I don't think's a meaningful question anymore. Sure, simple materials (e.g. water) can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas. But more complicated materials don't fall into any of those clean categories- what's toothpaste, for example? (It's a viscoelastic fluid/Bingham fluid)
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    There are two main states of matter, and then some derived ones:
    - does matter
    - doesn't matter

    (and then, matters a bit, a lot)...

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    Matters generally divided into four categories; solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. That fourth category, plasma, is debated by some who claim that it is merely a special condition of the gaseous state.

    The existence of neutron stars and the proposed existence of Quark stars, along with the discovery of BEC's (Bose-Einstein Condensates) suggest that there are many more states of matter of which we are not aware, simply because they do not concur in our everyday experience.
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    What About Bose-Einstein Condensate (First Observed in 1995)
    or Liquid Crystal
    or Fermionic Condensate
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    How does Planck matter grab ya? The false vacuum? Dark energy? Strings and branes?
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    I guess there are two states; one where it is matter and one where it is energy.

  9. Oct 24, 2011 #8
    Re: States Of Matter....

    I will just list how much I know off the top of my head. There are solids, liquids, gases, plasma, Bose-Einstien Condensates, Fermionic Condensates, superfluids, beam, thought wave (is this real? I've never found proof), quark-gluon plasma, supersolids, string-net liquids, superglass, and dark matter. I'm not positive about these, so if I made any mistakes, please correct me.
  10. Oct 24, 2011 #9
    Re: States Of Matter....

    That's so awesome. When you are completed with this arduous task please forward a copy of it to me. I want to help, too. What's your email? Should I just post it up on megaupload or rapidshare or something?
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