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Static and dynamic IP addresses are different

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    My books tell me static and dynamic IP addresses are different but could you tell me which one do you prefer to have and why ? what can you do with static IP address and with dynamic one ?I mean their limitations, in what situations etc..?

    I have a ip : delivered by my ISP, when I log on the first time it becomes, the second time it becomes
    My Ip is dynamic ?? :confused:

    Please help newie
    Thank you very much....

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    You can't do DNS with a dynamic IP address. That makes it harder to do stuff with a server as now instead of remembering www.mydomain.org[/URL] you have to remember or something like that, not to mention it will change frequently (at most places).

    Also, I know of some services (that use ssh and https) that will restrict access based on IP, which pretty much rules out having a dynamic IP.

    I do run servers with dynamic IP (and even behind a firewall), but if you want it to be used by the masses then you definitely need a static IP.
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    Clearly your address is dynamic, because the host ID changes!
    If you run server processes in your computer, clients cannot connect to it by specifying the IP address. You would need a DNS name.
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    This is not right. You can run servers with a dynamic IP address. Its just that your address might change making it incovenient for public use.
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    That's what I meant, actually. Non-convenience.
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