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Homework Help: Static and kinetic friction

  1. Sep 24, 2008 #1
    I have a question that I am having trouble with hopefully someone can help me. Here it is
    Static and Kinetic Friction:

    A 10 kg crate is at rest on a horizontal table (s =0.8, k =0.3). Then various amounts of horizontal pushing force are applied to it.
    a.) The largest pushing force that can be applied before the crate starts moving is of size:


    b.)-d.) If the pushing force were instead the two amounts shown below, please fill in the rest of the values on the chart below:

    horizontal pushing force: friction force: (size only)
    (indicate static or kinetic):
    net force on crate:
    (size only)
    acceleration of crate:
    (size only)
    13 N N, ---Select--- static kinetic N m/s2
    95 N N, ---Select--- static kinetic N m/s2
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