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Static charges

  1. Apr 29, 2009 #1
    i have some questions about static charges and to see if anyone is able to help me with an experiment.
    i am pretty naive about this stuff, so please excuse my ignorance if i ask you any silly questions in response to suggestions.
    i want to create some sort of charge on a surface (about 1m x 2m approx) that will attract dust and similarly small particles in a normal environment. the thing about it is that it would need to be lasting - a static charge tends to be short lived when induced through friction etc.
    does anyone have any ideas what i could do/make/find/use to do this??
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  3. Apr 30, 2009 #2
    The to avoid the discharge put lots of insulating tape on it...or a thick layer of oil (but that will absorb dust).

    What I'm asking you to do actually is to put a good dielectric with a high breakdown voltage on that charge source (cover it up with that).

    The intensity of charge will decrease as dust accumulates, charge will again be restored if you remove the dust.
  4. Apr 30, 2009 #3
    thanks for your reply.
    where should the insulating tape go? and what material would be best to use?
    oil will be no good as it needs to be dry.
    so the insulating tape goes around something, but what? and i'm not sure what my charge source could be, or how it would be attached to the surface.
    i'm sorry my questions might be a bit naive!
    thanks again.
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