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Static? dynamic?

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    What is the difference between figuring out the force of tension in the string using the static and the dynamic method??
    We did a lab where a toy pig was hung from the ceiling with a string and when we turned the pig on the wings moved and travelled in a circle...

    In the dynamic case, we just measured the radius to get the angle and find the force of tension.
    In the static case, we used a spring scale, hooked it onto the hook where the pig is attached to the string, and pulled it horizontally to its radius. With the horizontal force we were able to find the force of tension in the string.

    What are the differences between these two methods?? Why is one called static and the other, dynamic???
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    Doc Al

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    It's not obvious to me why there should be any difference. Perhaps one method provides more of an opportunity for experimental error to creep in.
    That's an easy one: In one case the pig is moving (dynamic), and in the other case it is not.

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