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Homework Help: Static Electricity

  1. Apr 28, 2008 #1
    1. Name three methods that could be used to charge an object.
    Friction, induction, and conduction, I assume...

    2. A negatively charged rubber rod is momentarily touched to the knob of a neutral electroscope and then removed.
    A) What is the charge on the knob?
    B) What is the charge on the leaves? Negative
    C) What is this method of charging called? Conduction
    D) What happens to the leaves? They scatter.
    E) How could you prove that the electroscope has a negative charge? If it is attracted to a positively charged object, then you know it's negatively charged.

    3. A positively charged glass rod is held near the knob of a neutral electroscope.
    A) Wht is the charge on the knob?
    B) What is the charge on the leaves?Positive
    C) What is this method of charging called? Induction
    D) Explain why what happens to the leaves. They'll repel eachother.
    E) Explain what happens if the knob is now grounded. It loses it's charge.
    F) Explain what happens to the electroscope if the ground is removed and the glass rod is removed. No idea.

    Can anybody tell me if my answer look right or not? And hopefully guide me in the correct direction if they're wrong. Also, I really have no idea for 3f... so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    3. The attempt at a solution
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