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Static equilibrium wine bottle holder

  1. Dec 20, 2004 #1
    Was looking for some assistance in setting up the force and torque balance equations for one of those wine bottle holders where the holder is nothing more than a tilted board with a hole in it. I understand that the C.G. of the system needs to be directly above the base of the board but I want to generate the equations so I can vary some of the inputs (the angle of the board, for example) and be able to re-calculate the position of the hole (that is, the distance from the base of the board to the center of the hole measured up the board. Let F(h) = force (weight) of the holder, F(b) = weight of the bottle, L = Length of the rack, l = length of the bottle, and theta = angle of rack to the horizontal. Does a bottle inserted horizontally into the holder produce a horizontal force acting on the holder as well as a down force assoc. with its weight? Any help would be appreciated.

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