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Static Force Promblem

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    I have a problem I am looking for the force that the legs(Fl) have on the panel. Wp = 44.1 lbf, Ws = 1067.5 lbs, Ww=6.9 lbf. The legs are both spaced equally from the centre. the angle that the panel (Angled plane) with the horizontal is 44 degrees, as labeled. I've attempted this problem but when I sum the forces in the x and solve for Fl, the same result does not result when I sum the components in the y. Doing the x components Fl = 255 lbf, y components Fl = 296.8. Can someone else attempt this problem? Maybe I have my geometry wrong or something.

    Thank you in advance
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    You diagram doesn't provide enough info. Are the applied forces midway between the legs? Is Ws pointing due south west?
    Why have you included the 44 degree angle? It doesn't appear to have any bearing on the problem.
    As Wp and Ws are not equal the Fl forces are not perpendicular to the table.

    Show your attempt and we can check it. Clearly define all variables and units. A complete diagram would help a lot.
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