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Static Moment Cal.

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    Please look at the attached pictures. I have 10 lb (45 N) of force applied at the end of the arm. We are seeing some deflection of the arm. I need to make sure that arm design is the only problem and not the bearing. i.e. there is a possibility that bearing slide moves little if 10 lb is too much for that.
    IKO catalogue is giving me static moment rating as 10 N.M (it says use 73.5 N.M if you have two slide units in close contact) and safety factor is 5. So, I calculated torque as 2 N.m. That is for only considering one slide. I have 4 here.
    My arm is 0.3M long. So, I am cal. my moment as 13.5 (45 *0.3) N.M.

    What I can conclude from this? Or may be whole thing is wrong.

    Please help.

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