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Homework Help: Static problem

  1. Dec 14, 2011 #1
    I've attached a problem, which I have tried to solve unsuccesfully.
    My attempt at a solution:
    I would say that the force you exert on the bar is the radial component of your force with respect to the long beam. And using trigonometry to find the angle in the triangle you get:
    Frad = 3/5*100N = 60N
    And I then do that again at point B because I only want the horizontal part of the radial force. So I then get:
    And the bar must be pressing against the hinge with that same force.. But that's not the correct answer as far as I know - actually far from it.. So Im clearly thinking wrong some place :( help me

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    Doc Al

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    The force exerted on the bar is given: F = 100 N. What's the net force on the bar?
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