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Static question

  1. Jul 18, 2016 #1
    [mentor note: moved here from another forum, hence no hw template.]

    A construction worker attempts to lift a uniform beam off the floor and raise it to a vertical position. The beam is 3.00 m long and weighs 372 N. At a certain instant, the worker holds the beam momentarily at rest with one end at distance d = 1.50 m above the floor by exerting a force F on the beam, perpendicular to the beam. (a) What is the magnitude F? (b) What is the magnitude of the (net) force of the floor on the beam? (c) What is the minimum value the coefficient of static friction between beam and floor can have in order for the beam not to slip at this instant?

    (The worker is lifting the beam from one end of the beam)
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    My problem comes in part B. I tried to find the components of the force and the weight of the beam and combine them (since the worker will lift the beam, I assume that the floor will have less force on it since the worker will hold some of the total force). I am confused on part B since I am also not really sure what is asking for
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    oh I got IT! by myself xp, I fnetx=Fx-127cos(52.88)=0. fnety=Fy-mg+127(sin52.88)=0. Solve for Fx and Fy and use get the magnitude!!!. Hope this helps if anyone ever encounter this problem, took me 2 hours :(! so simple though (For Part B)
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