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Homework Help: Statics Excel Problem

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    I have a problem in statics that I must use excel to do and my instructor modified the given question in a few ways to allows to use the capabilities of excel to find what the question asks for.

    http://herograw.com/5-51.JPG [Broken]

    These are my instructors additions:
    If the whole excel approach sounds confusing then please help in solving the original question. That way I can use that method in solving the question the way my instructor expects.
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    Resolve the weight of the object along and perpendicular to the angular plane, given the angle from the horizontal is theta....

    then the along the place component of theta would be M*g*Sin(Theta) which would be your force necessary to hold the body back...

    What would be the normal reaction of the place?? (:-)

    Anyways, so your curve essentially would be a sin curve....

    PS: If you consider the angle to be from the vertical then the equation will change to hace M*g*Cos(theta).. so thats where symmetry comes in...

    Cos(a) = Cos(-a) .... happy?
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    I'm not all that clear about what you said to do.

    In class today I was given an extension on this problem.

    I also found that the free body diagram that I was using was a little complicated and the only forces acting on the handle is the applied force and the force caused by the spring. I'm a little confused in how to find the force caused by the spring and which [tex]\Sigma F=0[/tex] and [tex]\Sigma M=0[/tex] equations to use.
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