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Homework Help: Statics Help

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    I am trying to solve the problems on a sample exam, I am stuck on Problem 2, can anyone help? I can't get to help until tomorrow!


    http://em-ntserver.unl.edu/NEGAHBAN/EM223/sexam2/sexam2.htm [Broken]
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    sum the forces in y, and the moment about point 1

    define the point at which w1 acts as point 1, x=0
    define the point at which w2 acts as point 2, x=35

    Sum Fy=0

    integral from 0 to 35 of [(w2-w1)/35in)x+w1]dx = 12000lbs

    Sum M1=0

    integral from 0 to 35 of x[(w2-w1)/35in)x+w1]dx - (14in)(12000lbs) = 0

    I'll let you mess with the integration and solve for the two variables (or you can be crafty and replace the integrations with common shape area formulae)
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    Welcome to the forums, eedayspa.

    In the future, please post homework questions to the homework help forum, and also post what you've tried.
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