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Homework Help: Statics on a ramp.

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    Given: A ramp which is sitting as illustrated below. The ramp weighs 200 lb.
    http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/8601/problem523fe4.th.png [Broken]

    Find 1: Cable force (line CD) so that the reaction at point B=0.
    Find 2: Determine the Horizontal and vertical components of pin hinge at point A

    Solution: I know that all the forces lie in the y-direction.
    I believe I have found the usual tension in tha cable to be 173.2 lb.
    I know that all the forces will be in the y-direction.

    How do I set up the equation?

    (Answer from text book: F(CD) = 195 lb.)

    Solution 2: done.
    A(x) = 97.5 lb.
    A(y) = 33.4 lb.
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    An illustration would be great.
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    I have one, look again
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    I don't see anything, unless there's something wrong with my computer. Anyway, the same old story regarding statics - set up the equations of equilibrium for every direction and see what you get. Also, the sum of all moments with respect to any point must equal zero, which may help too, perhaps.
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