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Homework Help: Statics Problem Please Help

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    I have attached a sketch of a 3-d system. There are two rods of equal length (35cm) and equal mass. The masses are equal but unknown (mass of rod #1 = mass of rod #2). Please note that rod #2 is attached to rod one by a small connecting rod (3cm in length). Also note that the width of all rods is arbitrary. The question asks to sum the moments around point O & find the reactions of each rod.


    (Please click on image for a larger view)

    I would really appreciate any input or advice on how to go about this problem. Thanks in advance.
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    the image isn't showing up. Try uploading it to fileshack or something.

    All i can say for now is draw a diagrams and label all your force. If they ask you to sum moments at a points then you will have to use the cross product or right rule.
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