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Homework Help: Statics Problem with Trusses HELP PLEASE!

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    Hi, I have a, I believe simple, problem. I am studying for a Statics final and while doing problems with a Truss I came to a problem that I did not know how to solve. It is already solved for me, but I do not get how. The truss has a force coming out from the side but instead of an angle there is a right triangle. I do not understand how to use the triangle. I will upload a picture of the problem and the answer. If anyone can help me understand how the triangle is being used to compute the problem I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!!!

    For example I do not understand where or why they get (4/5)Tcd or 130(12/13)

    Direct Link:: http://i.imgur.com/ee9zP.jpg

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    oh nvm i think i got it, 3, 4 , 5 triangle!
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    Shouldn't you be familiar with basic trigonometry in order to deal with statics? What are the relations in a right triangle?
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    I think you need to do some revision before your final. Look up the ratios of sine, cosine and tan.
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