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STATICS problem

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    hey every1... i'm really really stuck on this problem and unless i get it and a few others right im gonna fail my engineering statics course :( Any help would be apreciated so much...

    The Question that goes with that diagram i've attatched is:

    Determine the bending moment at a distance x from the roller support on the left hand side, using the principles of virtual work.

    The values are: F = 2kn, d=2.200m and x=0.600m


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    another im not sure about:

    Each of the two uniform hinged bars have a mass m and length L. Both bars are connected by hinge S and supported as shown. The structure is loaded by a mass of 4m, applied at the hinge S. Gravitational acceleration is g = 9.81m/s2.

    m= 15kg
    angle theta= 130 degrees

    Calculate the torque Ma (in Nm) required for equilibrium

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    The attachment isn't working, but I can give you some directions. If the system has zero degrees of freedom (i.e. it's not a mechanism), you should make it a mechanism by putting a hinge at the point where you need to find the bendig moment (0.6 m). Draw a displacement sketch of that mechanism, so that you make the hinge rotate for a unit angle, and calculate all the displacement on the places of the loads (i.e. the force F). Then use the principle of virtual work: 'The necessary and sufficient condition for the equilibrium of a rigid body is zero virtual work done by all external forces acting on the particle during any virtual displacement consistent with the constraints imposed on the body.' It's a bit stupid to explain this like I just have - in a 'half-blind' manner, but I hope it helps. :smile:

    P.S. The bending moment M you need to find acts at the place of the inserted hinge.
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    Go ahead, I hope I'll be able to help.
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