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Homework Help: Statics Project

  1. Nov 14, 2016 #1
    Hello everyone! I am not actually posting this discussion regarding a homework problem. But I wanted to get some ideas from you all about how to approach the analysis of a structure I am looking at for a Statics Project. The structure is very complex, and my project partner and I are trying to see what might be a good way to approach the problem. We were thinking to either construct it in 3D and neglect the weight of the structure and as a whole and assume an applied force or to analyze the structure by analyzing the forces in each individual member. I thought some of you might have some advice for which method might work best. Thanks so much for your time! I have attached a picture of the structure. The rod in the foreground is pointing slightly forward and to the left, while the rod in the back is tilted slightly to the back and to the right. Here is a link with some dimensions of the structure:

    http://www.texassculpturegroup.org/artistswork/crossthiss72/ [Broken]


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    What are you wanting to analyze? Do you want to calculate deflections? Stresses at the welded joints?
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    I am sorry, I should have been more clear in what we are looking for. We are supposed to look at it and analyze it as a structure in equilibrium. As you can see it is quite complex, but we are supposed to use equilibrium conditions and equations to analyze the sculpture. Thank you!
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    I still don't really understand what you want to do - if it hasn't fallen over or broken then it is in equilibrium - no calculations needed .

    Can I make a guess ? You actually want to do an analysis of whether the structure is balanced in the sense of weight distribution so that there are no large net forces trying to topple the structure ?
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    Knowing that the structure is in equilibrium, we want to analyze those balanced forces and show how they cause the structure to be in equilibrium . I think your suggestion of doing an analysis of whether or not the structure is balanced in the sense of weight distribution would be a good thing to discuss in the report.

    Basically, I think our instructor just wants us to show all the balanced forces. It is not a very easy structure to analyze though because of its shape and many members. There are no measurements either for mass or lengths of members, not to mention the angle the u/v shaped piece in the middle makes.
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