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Statics weight problem

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    One end of a uniform meter stick is placed against a vertical wall. The other end is held by a lightweight cord that makes an angle theta with the stick. The coefficient of static friction between the end of the meter stick and the wall is 0.370 .

    What is the maximum value the angle theta can have if the stick is to remain in equilibrium?

    Maybe someone could point me in the right direction. so far i've calculated the sum of torques (equal to zero for equilibrium) and i got xf=(1-x)Tsin(theta)
    where f is friction and T is the tension in the cord. Also i know that f=(0.37)N. I have no idea what else I can use here. Please help! Thanks.
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    The sum of the forces is also zero for equilibrium. Have you drawn a diagram? Those help lots for questions like this. Also, you said "Also i know that f=(0.37)N". This is not true, the coefficient of friction, [itex]\mu[/itex] is 0.37. The frictional force itself is [itex]F = \muR[/itex], where R is the normal reaction.
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