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Homework Help: Statik pressure

  1. May 20, 2009 #1
    Dont know if this is the right forum but here goes

    In a pipe with a diameter 0.15 there is a smaller area with the diameter 0.075

    imagine a pipe with one part twice as small then after the smaller part its the larger size agian

    point A 0.15 smaller part point B 0.075

    The speed of the fluid at point A is 1m/s

    the statik pressure in the pipe is 1 Bar at point A

    waters density is 1000 kg/m^3

    I know the dynamik pressure is 500Pa at point A

    I need to find the statick pressure after point B

    I used Bernoullis formula

    i dont know were the sign for row is on my cpu so i will use @


    I know i can cross out @*g*h

    Anyways this is as far as i got could somone please check my work

    P2=500+100000-(1000*(2^2/2)) unsure if it is 2^2/2

    = 98500pa

    Also sorry for the spelling am swedish :)
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