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Homework Help: Stationary elevator homework problem

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    I'm doing this Physics worksheet and I don't know how to do this problem...
    Allison is standing on a scale that is in a stationary elevator. what is the apparent weight when she is moving up at 8 m/s squared?

    If anyone can help that would be great.. And if you could explain the steps you used to get it.

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    Doc Al

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    The scale reads the force that pushes up on the girl. Draw a diagram showing the forces on the girl (there are two). The net force on the girl is related to her acceleration by Newton's 2nd law. (Hint: you can express the girl's apparent weight in terms of her actual weight.)
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    Just think of the acceleration upwards as more gravity.

    The "gravity" has increased from 9.8 to 17.8 m/s^2.

    Therefore her apparent weight is just her mass times the new "gravity".
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