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Statistic test

  1. Oct 23, 2007 #1
    I have this problem that I cannot figure out what to do:

    Given mean 1 =mu 1, variance =sigma1^2.
    mean 2=mu2, variance =sigma2^2
    Test hypothesis Ho: mu1=2*mu2 versus
    H1: mu1>2*mu2.

    Develop a statistic test.

    Can I have some help?
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    This is an odd problem. Typically the mean is a parameter, as opposed to a statistic. The two means are either equal or not. The statement "test hypothesis H0: 1=2 vs. H1: 1>2" does not make logical sense. I guess you have to assume the means are unknown and are estimated from the data. If so, you can apply the two sample t-test.
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