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Homework Help: Statistical investigation (Is my answer true and I need your help in another question

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    This questions aims for you to carry out and report on a statistical investigation and interpret the results.

    A teacher at the university claims that the longer a student study for a test, the better his/her grade will be in the test. You are asked by the teacher to investigate this claim.

    (a) Classify the problem as one of summarizing, comparing or looking for relationships. [2]
    looking for relationships
    (b) Pose a precise question to investigate the teacher’s claim. [2]

    Is there any relation between number of hours of study and grade ??

    The table below shows the number of hours studied for a test and the grade scored in the test for 10 students.
    Study Hours 4 6 1 8 9 11 4 7 8 3
    Grade 55 72 25 87 94 79 65 71 78 48

    (c) Use a method of your choice to analyze the data above, as part of your investigation.
    This should include a graphical representation of the data. [3]

    (d) Does your analysis support the teacher’s claim? Explain your answer briefly. [3]

    (e) Can the results of this investigation be generalized to all students at the university?
    Explain your answer. [2]
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    Tom Mattson

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    Looks good so far. What do you think about the other questions?
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