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Statistical Physics

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    Hi all.

    So something's bothering me;

    Given the def. S=-k(sum on r: pr*ln(pr)) for the entropy, find the entropy of N>>1 free particles moving in a 2d box with energy E.

    Now, don't I have a continuum of states here? How do I do that?

    Thanks :smile:
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    Use the quantum canonical ensemble...Compute the partition function and then the entropy.

    Doesn't mention anything about the temp...Could it be the microcanonical ensemble...?:confused:

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    Hum... you've kinda just given me a dizzy head... :smile:

    It's only my second week of statistical mechanics, so consider that.

    And... I might not recognize some of the terms in English. What's a partition function?

    Sorry :rolleyes:
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    The problem is weird,as it doesn't mention about the volume of the box,nor the temperature.That would mean the microcanonical ensemble,but again i can't see a way to compute the eigenvalues of the density operator.

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    What density? Of states?
    Weird anyway... I'll keep thinking about it.
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