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Statistical Tests

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    Hi everyone,

    I can't remember which statistical tests are needed for the following two tests. I thought maybe the null hypothesis test but wanted to check on here first... Maybe something Bayesian?

    Consider you have a plot of y against x with several data points on it, each with y error bars. I would like to calculate the probability that:

    a) These points are randomly distributed

    b) These points have the same y-value = constant, i.e. y is not a function of x.

    Thanks for any advise.

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    Describe "error bar."

    For part b, my first approach would be to estimate the linear relationship y = a + b*x using least squares and show that b is not statistically significantly different from zero. But "y is not a function of x" is a very general statement; you may have to iterate with polynomial functions (of x), until you run out of data points.
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