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Homework Help: Statistics: Data Sets

  1. Nov 23, 2005 #1
    Hey everyone, I need to do a project in which I have to present a data set and analyze it but I am just wondering if you know of any good sources where I can find Data Sets. :rolleyes: Especially if they're really interesting data. :tongue2:

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  3. Nov 24, 2005 #2
    What kind of data is interesting to you?

    Decide that first, and then search google. For example, it wouldn't be difficult to find the weather data of your city over the past year. This could have some interesting analysis.

    Also, what kind of analysis does your teacher want? What grade level is the project? If you are in grade 9 then I doubt your teacher wants much more than mean, mode, median, and range. But if your grade 12 then you might be looking at variences, deviations, different types of regression, etc...
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    well yes I am in grade 12 and she is looking for all of those things. There MUST be a correlation between the two variables in the data.

    I have decided to go with Brain Size vs. Intelligence for now.. as I found a data set but she has apparntly seen this same presentation a few times now so I'm looking for something interesting and unique!
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    What about brain size or intelligence VS years in office for the past presidents of the US? (or the Prime Ministers in Canada...or whatever applies to where you live.)
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    but the problem is... where do I get this information!?

    that was wat my question was in the first place :smile:
  7. Nov 25, 2005 #6
    If you try hard enough you can find about any information you could possibly imagine on the internet.

    My advice would be to come up with the type of data set you want to analyze, and then do some research to find that data.
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