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Statistics Help! Testing a Claim with Two Proportioins

  1. Apr 19, 2005 #1
    I need help on a statistics problem. The problem is stated below.

    A clerk in the county office where marriage licenses are issued claims that there is an upward trend in women marrying men that are at least one year or more younger than the woman. A random sample of two hundred marriages in 2001 was taken and sixty-two women were at least one year older than the man. A second random sample of three hundred marriages in 2003 was taken and ninety-nine of the women had married men that were at least one year younger than the woman. Test the claim made by the clerk. Set alpha equal to .01.

    Part B.
    Using the data from the above problem set up a confidence interval.

    If anyone could show me how to do this I would be very thankful.
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