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Statistics of clinical trials

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    I've been thinking about when to correct for multiple comparisons, especially in the context of clinical trials.

    Consider the following situations:

    1. Company X-1 does a clinical trial on Compound A-1, and finds that it does in fact have clinical efficacy, with p value < 0.05.

    2. Company X-1 does a clinical trial on 20 compounds, A-1 through A-20, and finds that one of them has clinical efficacy with p value < 0.05, and 19 don't (without correction for multiple comparisons).

    3. Twenty companies, X-1 through X-20, independently discover and do clinical trials on 20 different compounds (X-i tests A-i, i = 1,...,20). One of the compounds turns out to demonstrate efficacy with p value < 0.05, 19 don't. (without correction for multiple comparisons).

    So here's my question: in which of the above scenarios should we correct for multiple comparisons? Or asked another way: does the evidence support the use of none, some, or all of the above three drugs?


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